See What Others are Saying!


So far, we are getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried SQangles – the Super Quick way to make Half Square Triangles!

  • Carol at FunThreads  said “Do you sew a lot of half square or quarter square triangles? Have I got an item to show you!! They are called SQ Angles or “squangles” as we called them at retreat weekend. The SQ stands for super quick and trust me you won’t believe your eyes on this one….”  Read Carol’s latest comments here.
  • Deegee Hitzfelder from La Coste, Texas writes, “Just a brief note to tell you how wonderful I think your “SQangles” are!  In a matter of minutes, I ironed the transfer to fabric, and proceeded to sew out the 3″ size  (I used a 1.5 stitch on my machine).  What a dream!  They are perfect!!  Accurate!! To me, the added bonus of your new product is that there is NO paper to tear away.  Nothing to pull at the stitches and nothing to distort the diagonal cut of the fabric.  Cut them apart, press, and you have perfection.  Thanks so much for allowing me to try these out and I can certainly vouch for the pleasure in using your SQangles.”
  • Marilyn Lampman said, “My beginner class really liked using the SQangles.  Also I am on retreat in Rockport and have demoed them here. There are 16 experienced quilters here and they were very impressed and will probably be ordering them.  Thanks for giving them to me for the class.  Of course, One Quilt Place ordered as soon as I showed them when I returned from seeing you.  I really have enjoyed using them, saves me a lot of time.”

If you have tried SQangles, or want to, we would love to hear your comments below!

  6 Responses to “See What Others are Saying!”

  1. I’m so excited about these!

  2. I just have a question about what happens to the template material/fabric/paper? Does it change the content, feel or look of the fabric it was ironed onto?

    • When you iron the template onto your fabric, the heat transfers a portion of the ink on the paper onto your fabric. Since you sew with right sides of your fabric together, you iron the template on the wrong or back side of your fabric. That way, you can see the dotted lines to sew on. Also, since the template is transferred onto the back side of your fabric, it should not mar the right side of your fabric. I have not seen any instance of it changing the feel of the fabric. Please note that some batik fabrics use a wax in the dying process that might affect the performance of SQangles. I hope that your question was answered to your satisfaction. Blessings!

  3. If I sew on the dotted line, is that a scant or full 1/4″?

    I am so excited about ordering these.


  4. Each sheet took me 10 minutes to sew; 10 minutes to cut; 5 minutes to iron each HST out. Amazing how quick I was able to make 256 HSTs! I love this product!!