Quick Fours Small Variety Pack SQAQ4FG850Quick Fours are one of our newest additions to our SQangles family of iron on templates.

Quick Fours are the SQangles way to make quick flying geese four at a time!  These are iron on templates for the smaller squares used to make four at a time flying geese, along with instructions to cut the large square.   (Soon we will have acrylic templates available for cutting the large squares.)  This is a very quick way to make a lot of flying geese when you need a whole gaggle of geese!

Quick Fours are available in the five most popular flying geese sizes. 1″x 2″, 1 1/2″ x 3″, 2″ x 4″, 3″x 6″ and 4″x 8″.

If you have ever used SQangles then you already know they are multiple use sheets of iron on templates with no lines to draw, no paper to tear off, no adding fractions and that they are quick and easy to use and totally accurate!  You don’t have to worry about paper sliding as you sew because the lines are actually on your fabric.  Also SQangles are so accurate there is no need to trim the completed squares!